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Live stream videos

We started live-streaming our Wednesday evening sits in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Links to the videos and some short summaries are maintained on our Wednesday Night Live page.

Jeanne’s talks on Dharmaseed

  • From the Spirit Rock July Insight Retreat, July 19-29, 2019
  • From the IMS Three-Month Retreat – Part 1, Sep 11-Oct 22, 2018, where Jeanne was assisting for the first three weeks:
    • 2018-09-15 A Guide To Safety In Hindrance Country 60:46
      The four wise efforts are explored as ways of working with the hindrances. Suggestions for abandoning the hindrances include attitude, hidden hindrances, inquiry, wisdom, and self-compassion.
      (links broken)
    • 2018-09-22 Mindfulness And Metta: Partners In Liberation 53:39
      An exploration of Metta as a deep befriending of our experience, as a direct path to liberation from greed, ill will, and delusion, as a partner with mindfulness in supporting freedom in the mind and heart. This talk concludes with a teaching about Cree elder Jim Settee and his embodiment of mindfulness and kindness.
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    • 2018-09-29 The Seven Factors Of Enlightenment 59:05
      The factors are explored within the map of the Satipatthana Sutta, with an emphasis on joy. This talk includes a Therigatha poem, Vijayā, as rendered by Matty Weingast, and closes with a very short guided meditation on the factors.

Guided Meditations from other teachers:

Talks from other teachers:

  • Tara Brach: The Divine Abodes: Metta – Lovingkindness (a dharma talk of 53 minutes)