Anglin Lake Insight Meditation Retreats – August 2022

Silent Insight Meditation retreats at beautiful Anglin Lake, with Jeanne Corrigal

Kindness: the Heart’s Home, August 4-7, 2022
This immersion in kindness with the community of land, lake, sky, and trees cultivates our sense of care for ourselves and all beings, and supports liberation into the spacious, loving, connected heart and mind. This retreat is inspired by the teachings of both Elder Jim Settee and the Buddha.

Touching the Earth Insight Retreat, August 7-10, 2022
On the eve of his enlightenment the Buddha touched the earth and asked for help to awaken. On this retreat we will touch the beloved earth with our hearts, minds, bodies, and spirits, as we follow the Buddha’s guidance in cultivating liberation of the heart-mind. This retreat invites us to renew our connection with the nourishing well of our true nature, for the sake of all beings.

These retreats include dharma talks, practice talks with Jeanne, reflective meditation practices, and gentle paddling each day. For more information, please email the Saskatoon Insight Meditation Community, at, or retreat manager Andrea at

  • You can register for one, or both, retreats. There is a limit of 15 people per retreat.
  • Cost for each trip: $190, plus a food contribution equaling about $45. When you register, you will be invited to choose which food items you would like to contribute from our potluck list. A provincial park pass is also required. (Prices to be confirmed when registration opens in 2022.)
    • Some scholarship support is available, if the registration fee is a barrier.
  • If you are able to bring a canoe, the cost is reduced ($105 per canoe).
    Maximum of six canoes are needed for each retreat, depending on number of people registered.
  • Registration fees cover the operational expenses of the retreat (equipment, fees, transportation, etc). They do not cover the teachings, which are freely given because they are considered priceless. Dana is a Pali word meaning generosity. In keeping with Buddhist tradition, teachers do not charge for their services but are sustained by the generosity of their students. Dana allows the teacher and retreat manager to continue their Dharma work. There will be an opportunity to offer dana to Jeanne for her teaching.
  • We set up our home at the Spruce River Campground and paddle from there. Bring your camping gear (tent, sleeping bag, etc.). This unserviced campground has outhouses. We will set up a common kitchen area for meals.
  • We recommend at least one weekend residential retreat or a familiarity with Insight Meditation practice prior to this retreat. If you do not have this experience, registration may still be possible after a conversation with Jeanne. If this your first retreat, Jeanne will call you once you submit your registration to have a chat.
  • Swimming and basic canoe skills are needed.


Registration will open in January 2022. Stay tuned for details!

These retreats are led by Jeanne Corrigal, Guiding Teacher with the Saskatoon Insight Meditation Community. A graduate of Spirit Rock’s Community Dharma Leader Program, and of IMS teacher training program. Jeanne has practiced Insight Meditation for 22 years, is a certified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher and Life Skills Coach. Jeanne is Métis and one of her first teachers in loving presence was Cree Elder Jim Settee. She is a long-time canoeist.