December 2022 intention poem

As part of the December 28, 2022, session, Jeanne invited the participants to contribute to a poem on Wise Intention.
You can watch or listen to the session here, which included a talk on Wise Intention, explained the prompts, and closed with a reading of the poem:

Wise Intention
A Saskatoon Insight Meditation Community Poem

Is like a …

Like an easy magical moment elongated
Like a compass; a compass pointing north
An opening flower
Like a free fall
A loving and gentle guide
A warm blanket that wraps around me
It is like a warm blanket
A smile from a stranger
An honouring and trusting my being.

And feels like …

An inner pull towards goodness
Energy, love, expansion
Feels like security
Letting go
Warmth and ease
Being light and open, cherishing my thoughts, and trusting my heart.

And nourishes …

My heart
My heart
My heart
Nourishes going forward
Lovelight for all beings
Joy, connection, inclusion
Nourishes a nourishing stillness
Nourishes the whole being
Nourishes inspiration and self acceptance
And, the possibility of greater goodness and friendship.