Teaching Aspiration, IMS Graduation

From Jeanne Corrigal and the SIMC sangha

When I was invited into teacher training, I felt like the whole sangha that I belong to, had been invited in. And so, we have written a collective aspiration, which I will read a part of.

We aspire… to love the dharma with all of our hearts; to remind ourselves and each other of our true belonging; to connect through our diversity, for our collective awakening. We aspire to embrace the earth.

We aspire to wisdom, kindness, wholeness, peace, joy, and to the living of loving awareness.

We aspire confidence in the dharma, and liberation for all beings.

Here is Jeanne reading this aspiration at the graduation ceremony on May 7, 2021. You will also see Carol Wilson at the beginning: Carol led the Dharma Transmission Ceremony for Jeanne.