Dharma Dreams: Our collective aspiration

The dharma is dreaming.

The dharma is dreaming us… as all of life, as human spirit, as kind heart, as all colours of bodies – Brown, white, black, yellow, red – dreaming us as rivers and lakes, as the vast prairie sky, our beloved pets, as all creatures on earth – plants, trees and birds – as the mighty stones from the Canadian shield, as prairie crocus, sweetgrass, sea star and sea otter, the great seas, as the always and ever-present energy of water as the beginning place of all life, as the ancestors. Dreaming all sentient beings in the 10 directions, all indigenous people, all beings seeking peace, as the wise, the foolish, the well, the sick, the privileged, the struggling, as those needing care and all who suffer, as recovering worriers, as expansive and small selves. The dharma is dreaming us as wild grasses, as fliers and keepers of the sky world, as flesh, bones, blood, water, earth, fire, wind, as birds building nests outside my window, as treaty people, as the root makers and lineage holders, as spiritual seekers, as light, as the living force that we – all sentient beings – share, and as the loving awareness that we are all made of.

The dharma is dreaming us through… impatience, societal shifts, trauma, suffering and loss, tightness and fear, healing. It is dreaming us through our deepest longings, the pandemic, growing inequity. It is dreaming us through mothering and daughtering, the storms of uncertainty, relieving anxiety, psychological challenges, and despair.

It is dreaming us through paradox, tough times, these difficult times, the illusion of the ego, struggle with how things are, accepting loss, loving what arises. The dharma is dreaming us through disappointments and discouragements; through awareness of bodily sensations and anxiety; through loneliness, existential terror, and doubt. It is dreaming us through changing climate and dying species, through delusion and patterns, waking us up to the present moment.

The dharma is dreaming us through joys, sorrows, difficulties, challenges, pleasure and pain, loss and gain, fame and ill repute, praise and blame, through loss of connection to other hearts, through separation. Dreaming us through learning to slow down, the belief of not being enough, through samsara. The dharma is dreaming us through the heart challenge of remembering I am Love.

The dharma is dreaming us into… loving the dharma with all of our hearts; to reminding ourselves and each other of our true belonging; to connecting through our diversity, for our collective awakening.

The dharma is dreaming us into embracing the earth; into an environment that we will take care of and respect.

The dharma is dreaming us into wisdom, wholeness, skilfulness, open heartedness, connection, deep joy for all, kindness, wellness, steadiness, ease, and into the living of loving awareness.

The dharma is dreaming us into peaceful and happy times, a new world, a weird and wonderful galaxy of interconnected beings floating in peace. It is dreaming us into our inner knowing, into seeing all beings as equal and deserving to feel safe, included and loved. It is dreaming us into unity in diversity, and into helping ourselves and others to become more self-aware. It is dreaming us into freedom from our afflictions, into health, into the courage to connect beyond the comfortable and the familiar, into patient acceptance, and into unity with wisdom and compassion. The dharma is dreaming us into expansive prairie inclusion and love without borders.

The dharma is dreaming us into clear seeing, awakening, freedom, loving ourselves and loving all, into liberation and love, and into the evolution of love. It is dreaming us into peace of mind and heart, blessings for all, confidence in the dharma. The dharma is dreaming us into sangha, and liberation for all beings.