Image Credits

Photo Credits


University of Saskatchewan Archives and Special Collections offers a beautiful collection of images from the late Courtney Milne, a Saskatchewan photographer of international renown. His “Pool of Possibilities” project saw him take about 45,000 images of his pool at Grandora, Saskatchewan. He selected one image for each day of the year, and wrote an inspiring reflection for each one. This legacy from Courtney is available at no charge as the Pool of Possibilities E-Calendar. The image that adorns the banner at the top of each page of this site has been extracted from the image from July 31, titled “Shining”. Permission to use it has been obtained from the University.

golden-buddha-hands2-copy-2The image of the golden buddha hands that overlay the banner is from a source unknown.

Attribution for some of the other images on this site are included in captions; those without captions are from the personal albums of some of our sangha members.