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Care and Connection Circle: Offering Metta to Those in Distress

Perhaps you feel called to offer this kind of care for others. Using the mind to broadcast this wholesome action of offering kind wishes to another human being is an effective form of spiritual activism. If nothing else happens but the people we are sending the phrases to feel thought of and cared for, then that is of great benefit. We believe that more than that happens. Intentions are powerful and the intention does get “sent”. Our action of offering metta practice is a way for us to show our care, be with the folks in spirit, and to let them know that you are not alone.

More About the Practice: What do we do?

Members of our Care and Connection Circle say a metta phrase or phrases, daily, for folks in need. Some examples might be: May (name) grief lessen and may she experience joy. May (name) receive care and comfort. May (name) body receive healing. May (name) mind and spirit receive healing. May (name) be free of fear and anxiety. May (name) experience ease and peace. It is helpful to know in a general way what care is needed. People often feel comfortable sharing some information in their e-mail to the Care and Connection Circle Coordinator so that the appropriate phrase(s) can be found. All information is confidential, so care group members only know a first name. The Coordinator stays in contact with the recipients from time to time, by e-mailing them about four times a year to see how things are going, until they are no longer in need of this loving-kindness practice.

To offer metta-care, e-mail The Care and Connection Circle Coordinator at:

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