Care and Connection Circle Coordinator

The purpose of this circle is to offer a way for folks in the sangha to feel cared for in times of distress and to feel connected to the sangha. The impact of the e-mails and the realization that the people in our Circle are complete strangers but are willing to offer their time to send wishes as an expression of our care, is powerful.

Description of Activity

  1. Receive the requests via a private e-mail set up through the website, or by word of mouth or by referrals from members of the planning committee.
  2. Send an e-mail to the person who has requested the care assuring them of our support and the offering of metta practice. Invite them to share some idea of the issues involved, if they wish, so that the members of the care circle will have a better idea of what wishes are needed. Assure them of confidentiality.
  3. Inform the folks on the Connection Circle of the name of the person for whom the metta practice is being offered. Share as much as is possible without breaking confidentiality. Remember, for members of the Circle to feel connected and caring it is important for them to have as much information as possible.
  4. Keep in contact with the people receiving the care about four or five times a year. Initially, Fall, before Christmas, before Easter and before summer holidays to inquire how things are going and to see if the recipients still wish to receive the care.
  5. Keep the Care Circle informed of new recipients and from time to time, send notes of encouragement to them or review possible metta practices, or meet online/in person to discuss metta practice in general and to find out how each of them is sending the wishes for wellness.


  1. A caring heart. You feel called to help others in this way and/or you have an affinity for metta practice.
  2. Good communication skills
  3. Time to write e-mails to recipients, four or five times a year. The highest number of recipients we have had so far is 9 recipients and 5 caregivers. (Sometimes the recipient doesn’t have a caregiver.)
  4. Time to write e-mails to the members of the Care Circle to deliver the new recipients and to offer encouragement.

If you are interested in this position, please email us.

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