Announcement Reader

Reading announcements at the weekly sits

  1. You will need a clear strong voice, and a good reading pace (i.e., not too fast).
  2. Each week (or less frequently), the Announcement Coordinator will contact you about an announcement to read. If you are unavailable for that sit, you can just let the Announcement Coordinator know and they will find another reader.
    • If you have attended an event similar to the you are announcing, talking about your own appreciation/enjoyment of it is more impactful than just reading. Feel free to do this if you wish, but not necessary. If you talk about it briefly, be sure to include or read the essentials — a title and date.
  3. After reading your announcement, say, “And on to you _” (either the next person reading an announcement or to the teacher).

If you are interested in this position, please email us.

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