Jeanne Corrigal invited into Teacher Training at IMS

Feb 2, 2017

Dear friends in the Dharma,

Jeanne Corrigal, Community Dharma Leader, and the rest of the Saskatoon Insight Meditation Community planning committee are pleased to share some exciting news!

Jeanne has been invited into teacher training at the Insight Meditation Society (IMS) in Barre, Massachusetts. Starting later this summer, Jeanne will be part of an in-depth four-year training program to become an authorized retreat teacher in the Theravada (insight) Buddhist tradition. This is a program that Susie and most of our teachers have been invited into and will give us a lineage holder teacher in Saskatoon.

This is an incredible honor for Jeanne, as it recognizes her commitment to her own personal growth in the Dharma; her demonstration of qualities of wisdom, compassion, and ethical conduct; a depth of insight and concentration that has developed over years of experience with various teachers; her communication skills, and her ability to guide others.

A note from Jeanne: I feel like this invitation comes not just to me, but to our community, whose support has helped create this opportunity… and that it can also be of great benefit to our sangha, in many ways. In responding to the invitation to the program, we were all asked to describe the vision of our teaching, and I shared that my first intention is to support SIMC. I may be called to support the prairie and Canadian sangha too, which is of course very rich in the dharma. This program can help us all feel that we are in the heart of the growing, deepening, living dharma.

Jeanne will continue to serve the Saskatoon Insight Meditation Community and have her home base in Saskatoon. However, during training, Jeanne will be called away to be on retreat and in training more often. Once her training is complete, Jeanne may be invited to lead more retreats at other centers too.

When Jeanne is away for training or retreat, our community will continue to be well-served by experienced members of our community, including Doris Larson, Bob and Carol Kavanagh, and Andrea Grzesina. Our planning committee, which includes these four, as well as Carol Johner, Rod Orr, and Jeanne, and our many other dedicated members will all continue to grow SIMC as a community.

We hope you will join us in good wishes for Jeanne. We look forward to your continued support of Jeanne’s practice and teaching.

With every good wish,
The Saskatoon Insight Meditation Community planning committee:
Jeanne Corrigal, Doris Larson, Bob and Carol Kavanagh, Andrea Grzesina, Rod Orr, Carol Johner