Metta Care & Connection

In keeping with the Buddha’s vision that wholesome friendship is the whole of the spiritual life, some of our sangha members will offer metta (kindness practice) to you or your loved one when they are in need of special care. This is a way for us to be with you in heart and spirit.

The traditional phrases we can offer are:

May <name> be safe.
May ______ be happy.
May ______ be healthy (Or may ___ body support ____ as best it can.)
May ______ live with ease and peace.

The wishes we offer can vary according to the person’s situation. Here are some of the wishes we might offer you or your loved one.

May _______ receive care and comfort.
May _______ body receive healing.
May _______ mind and spirit receive healing.
May _______ be free of fear and anxiety and experience ease and peace.

If you have a particular wish you would like us to offer you or your loved one, please let us know.

E-mail Carol Kavanagh at: if you have made yourself known to Carol or Jeanne at our Wednesday night sit and wish to receive this care. Carol will stay in contact with you until you are no longer in need of this loving-kindness practice. All requests are confidential. Care group members need not know a last name.