About Us

SIMC had its beginnings in the spring of 1999 when Joanne Broatch came to lead the first Insight Meditation retreat in Saskatoon. Two years later, several people who had attended the retreats came together for weekly practise. Joanne led a retreat in Saskatoon every year for ten years and was the guiding teacher for our community. Joanne retired in 2010 and has since passed away. We are blessed to have Adrianne Ross, M.D., as our new guiding teacher.

We welcome people at all stages of meditation practice. Beginners are welcome to our retreats and to our regular group meditation sessions. Those looking for formal instruction in meditation are encouraged to contact our teacher Jeanne Corrigal. Jeanne is a graduate of both the Dedicated Practitioner and the Community Dharma Leader programs at Spirit Rock, USA. Jeanne provides instruction to beginners who wish to have some guidance as they begin a practice. She is currently a trainee in the IMS Teacher Training program, which is an intensive 4-year commitment.

Buddhism teaches that there are three ‘refuges’ that are foundational to those who follow his teachings: the Buddha (the model of a human life that attained spiritual enlightenment), the Dharma (teachings based on Buddhist scripture) and the Sangha (the community of practitioners). Our sangha is an active group of people who support one another in our journey to living life more fully in the moment.